January 2017 Shoot Report

Posted on January 18, 2017

Hey CTA members and friends,

In spite of having to delay our shoot for a week due to the snow and with threatening skies all day, I think the January CTA shoot can be deemed a success.  There seemed to be some serious fun had by all 43 in attendance, a fine 15 bean soup and trimmings for lunch and a really nice tribute to Herb Reynolds shared by Bill Morris after lunch.

We even had a fun long distance shoot-off after lunch orchestrated by Tom Matherly.  Congrats to Robert Radford for the win.  We even added about $50.00 to the CTA “kitty” from the shoot-off.

There was some fine shooting going on out on the range today.  Everyone seemed to be in good form.

​Maybe as much socializing as shooting.  OH yeah, nice form Allison!

​Come on Robert.  I know you won the shoot-off, but how do you expect us to compete with this shot???

Hey folks, if you missed this one, we’ll do it again on February 4th.  See you then.