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The Bragging Wall

A Walk in the Woods

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Bragging Wall:  (Harvest Photographs)

The animal must be placed in a natural setting (no truck beds, ATV, etc.) and position with blood wiped away and tongue in mouth. The hunter’s bow, quiver or vegetation must cover the arrow wound. A description of the photo that includes the species, where the animal was taken, and equipment used, is needed. Hunter must be in the photograph.

A Walk in the Woods: (Nature, landscape, wildlife photos)

Photographs submitted cannot contain people, domestic animals, or manmade structures. A description of the photograph to include the subject matter and where the photo was taken is needed.

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Photographs submitted become the property of CTA. CTA reserves the right to remove photographs. If you would like your photo removed or would like to report a photo not meeting the above guidelines, please use the Contact Us form.

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