2016 Club Hunt at Kerr Scott Reservoir

Posted on December 22, 2016

Hey CTA members and friend,

All things considered, the 2016 club hunt at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir was a big success.  We had 15 members there off and on throughout the hunt…….the largest turnout ever for one of our hunts.  One deer was harvested and two were missed.  WHAT?  With all these good hunters and expert archers, I didn’t think we would ever miss.  But so it was.

In spite of the misses, we had a grand time.  Three evening meals served up by our members and a great Friday lunch of fried ocean fish, French fries, slaw and baked apples.  The hunting was difficult due to the weather and a HUGE acorn crop but the food and the camaraderie was excellent.

It was a real treat getting to know some of our newer members better and I think everyone had a good time.  There is already talk of next years hunt.  Let’s do it!

2016-club-hunt-1 2016-club-hunt-2 2016-club-hunt-3