Dark Mountain Pow Wow

Posted on August 11, 2015

We had a really successful day at the Dark Mountain POW WOW at the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir on Saturday August 8th with our CTA archery booth. We must have had 40 people come through and shoot…..from 3 year olds to 65+ year olds. Many thanks to our members for all their help. It was really good to have so many of our CTA members there…..and we needed everyone. The three boys in the last image would have stayed there until dark and kept shooting if we would have kept the booth open. They had a grand time. Trust we can do it again next year.

Dark Mtn POW WOW-1

Dark Mtn POW WOW-2

Dark Mtn POW WOW-3

Dark Mtn POW WOW-4

Dark Mtn POW WOW-5

Dark Mtn POW WOW-6