March Shoot Update

Posted on March 10, 2015

Hello CTA members!
I hope you are having a great Monday. I just wanted to take a few seconds and update you on this past Saturdays shoot. If you weren’t there then you missed a great time, good food and lots of fun. The weather was perfect for the event and participation was high. We had a total of 43 people show up and it turned out to be quite a day in many regards.
We owe thanks to several people that made this shoot happen. We want to thank Dennis Allman for cooking us up some wonderful venison chili, cornbread, hotdogs and several other items. We owe thanks to the ladies for providing some delicious desserts that didn’t last too long. Thanks goes to Tom MCrary and Rick Richards for setting up the range and making it look very realistic. We would like to thank Bill Morris for donating a bow for the raffle. Bill is always very generous and it is much appreciated from everyone. Oh yes, most of all….we would like to thank “you” for coming and being a part of the organization. It was good to see all the positive energy that we saw on Saturday.

On a different note, I would like to mention a very surprising occurrence that happened on Saturday. If you were there then you know that our president Drew Sumrell, always speaks to the membership about what is currently happening in the club. This includes anything from plans for the property, possible workday schedules, membership opinions and ideas on future projects, membership wish list and the general management of the club. Getting membership input and utilizing it is very important and we all feel that this is the element that will make this club strong because we all own it. Ok, back to that surprising occurrence that I spoke about. Drew spoke to us about club finances and what we would like to do this year with the club. Of course all “fun clubs” operate on a minimal budget and there’s never enough money to go around. Well, Charles Suttles (I love that guy) pops up and says why don’t we do a special building fun and raise some cash that way. The next thing we know he is walking around with his hat and collects $971 dollars in cash. It doesn’t stop there either. Bill Morris raffles off one of his bows and donates another $260 for a grand total of $1231 that goes directly to the club savings account. These are folks that knows how to make things happen.

So there you have it…….a recap on the shoot. I’m sorry if I got long winded but I get excited when I talk about our club. If you haven’t been out to a shoot then you are missing great opportunity to build a history with some great people. We are just like the candy store….if you go one time, then you will always want to go back!

Have a great week!